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Build A Smarter Pharmacy Management Platform

With advancing technology needs and the importance of appropriately managing pharmacy spend for your hospice, Wise Hospice Options is committed to providing a full-service pharmacy benefit management solution that aligns with the values and goals of your hospice.

We believe that by streamlining processes and delivering best-practice clinical insights, alongside the benefits of utilizing our expansive pharmacy network pricing, our clients can achieve a level of financial performance that consistently beats overall national averages.

Alongside our vast pharmacy network of over 70 thousand participating pharmacies nationwide, we have built an integrated pharmacy benefit management platform to help our hospice members streamline pharmacy workflows, get a better understanding of their clinical performance, and experience the impact of a customer service team driven towards excellency.

What We Offer Our Customers

In-depth Pharmacy Reporting

Track medication utilization efficiency, determine prescribing patterns, and find opportunities to lower cost while providing better care.

Real-time Access to your Prescribing Data

Monthly comprehensive reports that dig into the details.
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Technology Solutions

Our technology platform is a robust, web-based, and mobile friendly solution built to integrate with your Electronic Health Record software.

Real-Time Interface Technology

Get powerful tools like EPCS certified E-Prescribing and mobile refill capabilities while eliminating unnecessary redundancy and driving better performance.
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Clinical Services

Unrestricted 24/7 access to our pharmacist team with over 100 years of combined hospice experience. We'll help you guide your clinicians towards best practice methodology.

Medication Reviews, Clinical Education, & 24/7 On-call Support

Consult on pharmacy cost, clinical effectiveness, therapeutic interchange, and more
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24/7 Customer Support

Our fleet of support representatives are trained to help your staff find solutions fast.

Having problems?

Submit manual admissions, discharges, and prior-authorizations over the phone in less than 5 minutes.
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Performance Benchmarking


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Quick Fact

Our Client All-In PPD Trends Average Under $6

Deliver performance and

Breakout the Data that Matters

Defining Key Metrics

Understanding and effectively managing pharmacy reporting metrics can be a daunting task for any hospice administration team. With our easy to read pharmacy benefit standard reports we provide comprehensive breakdowns of each key metric we believe brings the most value for making informed decisions that impact overall cost. This includes in-depth utilization data to track performance and efficiency on the patient, prescriber, and diagnoses level. Our clinical teams will help your staff extract the maximum value out of having this data readily available.

Through experience, our clinical team has found that the following key metrics are essential for running an efficient and cost effective pharmacy program. Each of the following metrics are delivered to our clients with 100% transparency.

Hospice KPI Reporting Criteria

Benchmark Pharmacy Performance & Establish Better Trends

Every month our hospice’s receive a comprehensive pharmacy benefit executive summary with detailed analysis of benchmarked key performance indicators. Our clinical team dedicates valuable time to help each hospice broaden their understanding of KPI’s in every report, and guide clinicians and administrative staff towards a “best practice” path. Ultimately our goal is to empower you to fine-tune your utilization and increase clinical and financial performance. The availability of this powerful and accurate data assists in making informed decisions about overall prescribing approach, and identifies areas for improvement on cost or effectiveness for your patients.

Automated CR-8358 Reports

Wise Hospice Options currently supports the generation and data export of the Medicare Drug Cost Report (CR-8358) for major electronic health record systems. Each file is appropriately formatted to your hospice’s needs.

Reports can be requested every 1-4 weeks at our client’s discretion.

How our reporting brings

Value to your hospice

Understand your Cost PPD trends

We'll help you analyze your all-in pharmacy cost performance and how you got there.

We're Under $6 PPD

Our average cost per patient day across our client base is under $6. You need an accurate understanding of your data to drive that level of performance.

Benchmark yourself

Set performance goals month-to-month and get your prescribing optimized.

Data Opportunities

Accurate reporting data you can use to set goals, track performance, and establish trends towards clinical best practice.

Expert Review

Our clinical team can help you identify opportunities for improvement on cost or effectiveness for your patients.

Monthly Executive Summaries

Each month a member of our clinical team will complete a thorough analysis of your pharmacy benefit spend to provide you with a framework to optimize clinical decisions.
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24/7 on demand pharmacists

Clinical Services & Education

Pensive doctor with hand on chin
Clinical expertise to help

Fine Tune Your Medication Utilization

Pharmacist Medication Reviews

The current Conditions of Participation required by CMS state that a comprehensive medication review must be completed by a pharmacist for each new admission into your hospice program. These comprehensive reviews can be completed by our clinical pharmacist team within the allowable time frame. Each of our pharmacists have been trained to give a thorough review of all patient’s prescription, over-the-counter medications, and other alternative treatments that could affect medication therapy. Our pharmacists will help you identify medication effectiveness, side effects, actual or potential drug interactions, and duplicate drug therapy scenarios.

Medication review notifications for our clinicians can be automated to send alerts for any medication profiles pending review. This strengthens workflow efficiency and removes the need for your staff to manually alert our clinical team.

24/7 Clinical Resources

All of our hospice clients receive unrestricted access to a dedicated 24/7/365 clinical support line. Collaborate directly with one of our experienced clinical team members in seconds. 

99% Answer RateUnder 20 Second Hold Times

Hospice Education & Training

Wise Hospice Options offers our hand selected hospice curriculum as well as a monthly regulatory newsletter to help support hospice organizations efforts to stay informed within our heavily regulated environment. Courses & newsletters are provided by a former hospice COO with over 20 years of education & training experience.

2021 Available Courses:

  • Pain Management in the Hospice Setting
  • Common Symptom Management in the Hospice Setting
  • Starting the Conversation: Assisting Patients Set Appropriate End of Life Goals
  • Managing COPD & Associated Symptoms
  • Documenting to Eligibility & Level of Care
  • Appropriate DePrescribing: Related vs Unrelated
  • Alternate Routes of Administration
  • Methadone: The Unique Opioid

Quick Fact

Our Clients Get 24/7 Pharmacist Access Without the Extra Fees

How our clinical team brings

value to your hospice


Get detailed medication reviews for every admission. On time.


Our hospice oriented PharmD team is trained to give comprehensive reviews with expert analysis about your patients care.

24/7 service without the wait

Collaborate with one of our pharmacists on-demand 24/7 with no extra fee. Even for after-hour calls.

Under 20 second hold times

Say NO to waiting on hold. Talk to a pharmacist in under 20 seconds. We're here to help.

Inspiring Clinical Education

Get your staff up to speed on the latest hospice education topics. Hosted live by our clinical team.


Our education and clinical training programs are designed by a former 400 patient hospice COO with over 20 years of experience in hospice.
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Simple & Streamlined

Technology Solutions

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Quick Fact

Wise Is Currently Interfaced With More Than 11 Hospice EHR's

It's about time.

Building Smarter Workflows.

Manage Data Around the Patient - In Real Time

It has become increasingly vital to coordinate patient care across all settings in order to provide care that is safe, timely, and effective. We believe that the most efficient way for hospice to make the largest positive impact on their care coordination is to effectively leverage the connectivity between their clinical systems and their PBM platform. This technology plays an important role in enhancing patient care and creating operating efficiencies, allowing for more integrated, secure, and consistent workflows with noticeable reductions in inefficient workflows and clinical mistakes. 

Wise Hospice Options has spent years building and refining the technology that enable seamless and secure data integrations between your electronic health record and our PBM platform. Our platform is designed to optimize workflows in the clinical environment so that your clinical staff don’t get bogged down by barriers to care. 

The Latest

Electronic Health Record Interface Technology

Real-Time EHR Integrations

In collaboration with over 11 major electronic health record providers Wise Hospice Options has developed interface technology that bridges the gap between PBM and hospice. With a fully integrated demographic and medication interface 

Our development team works continuously to keep your hospice up to date with the latest functionality or QOL improvements available from your electronic health record provider.

Eliminating Redundancy, Building Better Workflows, & Increasing Accuracy

  • Say goodbye to tedious repetitive administrative tasks on every new admission. Real time patient profiles are automatically pulled into our system without needing to fax or call in patient information. 
  • Patient medications pre-populate into our E-Prescribing system allowing physicians to immediately E-Prescribe without having to manually set up prescriptions on their own.
  • All patient profiles are accurately transferred into our system limiting the possibility of verbal or duplicate entry mistakes.

Minimum disruption. Maximum Flexibility.


  • Get a holistic view of your patient, including their primary pharmacy, active medications, allergies, PDMP records, & more.
  • View up to 2 years of pharmacy fills for controlled substances without needing to leave the app.
  • iPrescribe SmartSig feature will pre-populate with appropriate prescribing directions and frequency options.
  • Secure token based system to eliminate abuse.


Simple & Fast

Streamlined access to critical prescribing tools, in-workflow and optimized for your phone.



Intelligent user experience that helps you focus more time on patient care and less on paperwork.



360-degree view of your patients’ medication history, adherence patterns, and formulary benefits.

how our technology brings

value to your hospice

Faster workflows

Our integrated technology makes it easier than ever for your nurses and clinicians to get right into patient care.

It's about time

We aim to drive efficiencies in pharmacy workflows. The time we can save building smarter systems that enhance care coordination and ease of use can significantly impact day to day operations.

Better accuracy

Getting it right matters. Patient care and safety is one of our highest priorities.

Reducing Risk

With our interface technology we remove the opportunity for mistakes to be made during the transfer of data.

Cutting Edge

We are committed to providing hospice the latest innovative technology solutions for managing their pharmacy benefit.

24/7 Development

Technology is evolving every day. Our team works hard to stay up to date and keep your systems running at full power.
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We have solutions

24/7 Customer Support

Telemarketer woman showing an ok sign with fingers
Get help fast

A Dedicated Fleet of Support & Training Staff Available 24/7

Unlimited Support Access

Having problems? we have solutions...

Providing customer-centric experiences to each of our hospice clients is high on our priority list. Hospice is a 24 hour business and around the clock availability of high quality support services sets us apart from our competitors. Our highly trained client services team is in place 24/7/365 to assist your clinical or administrative teams with quality support services without excuses. We aim to build loyalty and trust with every member of your hospice who requires help when they need it most.

AccessibilityWithout the Wait

Pharmacy having issues processing?

Our client services team coordinates with all local pharmacies within our network to resolve any issues related to claim rejections or processing errors.

Verbal Prior-Authorizations

Get a prior-authorization for a medication off formulary or above dollar limits set by you with a quick 3 minute phone call. Our average wait times are under 20 seconds long.

Emergency or on-the-go admissions

Out in the field and unable to access your EHR for an admission? Call us 24/7 and get your patient medications without delays.

Dedicated LTC Services

Managing patient populations utilizing LTC facilities and pharmacies has never been easier. Our team is trained to work real-time with facilities and pharmacies to make sure patients are appropriately being billed to hospice. 


Systems & Workflow Training

Initial & Ongoing Training

Making significant changes to your organization’s process or workflow can greatly impact staff. Upfront pre-implementation training is provided on-site by our clinical and operations training team. We’ll help your staff become proficient in their workflows within each of our systems and give them the proper resources to troubleshoot potential problems.

Additional online training sessions can be scheduled with our experts before and after implementation at no additional cost to help users who struggle, or new members of your staff.

Quick Fact

Wise Support Staff Have An Average Answer Rate of 99% In Under 20 Seconds.

how our 24/7 support team brings

value to your hospice

Help when you need it

Get immediate and highly responsive support from our dedicated 24/7/365 support team.

99% Answer Rate
20s hold times

We do our best to provide 100% uptime on any support requests your staff need resolved.

A team dedicated to proactive management

Our hospice management teams collaborate to proactively identify and resolve any potential issues your staff might come across.

Stay in the loop

We'll let you know of any hiccups causing frustrating errors or problems and do our best to collaborate with your teams to solve them.

Dedicated Training Staff

On-Demand access to highly qualified training programs to get you off your feet and managing your pharmacy benefit faster than ever.

Keep it Simple

We offer extensive training and documentation provided before and after implementation of our program to help simplify the challenges faced when making significant changes.
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