Pharmacy management solutions

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Our hospice focused

Core services

We believe that by streamlining processes and delivering best-practice clinical insights alongside the benefits of utilizing our expansive pharmacy network pricing, our clients can achieve a level of financial performance that beat the national averages.

Performance Benchmarking

Track medication utilization efficiency, determine prescribing patterns, and find opportunities to lower cost while providing better care. Receive real-time access to your prescribing data and monthly comprehensive reports that dig into your big picture.

Technology Solutions

Our technology platform is a robust, web-based, mobile friendly solution that integrates directly into your hospice electronic health record software. Our advanced EHR interfaces were built to eliminate unnecessary redundancy while driving better performance.

Clinical Expertise

Unrestricted access to our veteran hospice pharmacist team devoted to guiding your clinicians towards best practice methodologies. Consult on cost, clinical effectiveness, therapeutic interchange, and more.

24/7 Customer support

Unrestricted access to our fleet of support representatives trained to help your staff find solutions fast. Submit admissions, discharges, and prior-authorizations over the phone in less than 5 minutes.


Break Out the Data that Matters

Define key metrics, track performance month to month, and help your staff identify and establish trends towards best practice.

Through experience, our clinical team has found that the following key metrics are essential for running an efficient and cost effective pharmacy program. Each of the following metrics are delivered to our clients with 100% transparency.

  •  Top Medications by Cost
  • Top Medications by Volume
  • Top Therapeutic drug groups by volume
  • Medication Cost by Disease Category
  • Cost Per Patient Day Summary
  • Top Prescribers by Cost
  • Brand & Generic Utilization Summary
  • Prescriber Utilization Detail
  • Patient Utilization Detail
  • Trend Analysis
  • Medication Utilization Summary
  • Medicare Cost Report

Clinical Expertise

Fine-Tune Medication Utilization

With decades of experience in end of life care, the Wise Hospice Options clinical team provides our hospices with a refined approach to medication management. Establishing and understanding trends in utilization is the most important factor to success in controlling pharmacy costs. Our team works diligently to guide your physicians toward cost effective medications that don’t sacrifice patient outcomes.


Work alongside our clinical team and effectively manage the patients within your program.

  • Expansive formulary development with quarterly revisions upon request.
  • Complex symptom management collaborations.
  • Assistance with therapeutic interchange to identify lower cost medications with equal or better effectiveness.
  • Medication profile reviews done within your electronic health record system
  • Emergency medication conversions.
  • 24/7 clinical support line to answer all questions related to medication pricing, utilization, and classification.

Continuing Education

Best Practice Hospice Education

Wise Hospice Options offers Accredited Nursing CE programs and a monthly regulatory newsletter to help support hospice organizations efforts to stay informed within the heavily regulated environment. Courses & newsletters are provided by a former hospice COO with over 20 years of education & training experience.

2019 Available Courses : Offered Online / Onsite 
  • Pain Management in the Hospice Setting
  • Common Symptom Management in the Hospice Setting
  • Starting the Conversation: Assisting Patients Set Appropriate End of Life Goals
  • Managing COPD & Associated Symptoms
  • Documenting to Eligibility & Level of Care
  • Appropriate Deprescribing: Related vs Unrelated
  • Alternate Routes of Administration
  • Methadone: The Unique Opioid 

Technology Solutions

Advancements in healthcare technology have allowed hospice organizations to take advantage of cutting  edge workflow tools that build better efficiency scenarios, and reduce the occurrence of redundant tasks. We believe that by adopting these solutions your hospice can experience a smoother workflow environment, keep accurate patient records, and save more time for your nurses and physicians  serving your patient population. 

EHR Interfaces

Simplify & Streamline

Our platform is capable of delivering a fully functional demographic and medication data transfer directly from your electronic health record platform into our system in real time. On a fully functioning interface, patient records are delivered real time into our system at admission for immediate eligibility to participate in your hospice program. Remove the hassle of calling in or faxing the record redundantly, and face fewer errors in overall record integrity. 

Wise continues to develop strong working relationships with electronic health record providers serving hospice. Development and innovation on new and existing interfaces and their features on our side are provided for our hospice clients at no extra cost. Please contact us directly to find out if your electronic health record platform is supported. 

Unlock your EHR's potential

Modern healthcare increasingly depends on systems that can connect and communicate over a digital network. Interoperability makes it possible for users to more effectively interact with their health record systems, control medication coverage, E-Prescribe, & get medications to your patients faster.


Interface capabilities

Streamline nursing time, increase accuracy, & build a smarter way to manage hospice pharmacy

  • Patient demographic information including diagnosis & allergies flows between systems without needing to enter the data twice or fax patient profiles into our admission team.
  • Immediate hospice benefit coverage on admission.
  • Automatic end of eligibility when patients are discharged.
  • Control hospice covered medications directly from your EHR system.
  • Increase patient data accuracy with a reduction in effort.
  • Limit redundancy.

Minimum disruption. Maximum Flexibility.


  • Get a holistic view of your patient, including their primary pharmacy, active medications, allergies, PDMP records, & more.
  • View up to 2 years of pharmacy fills for controlled substances without needing to leave the app.
  • iPrescribe SmartSig feature will pre-populate with appropriate prescribing directions and frequency options.
  • Secure token based system to eliminate abuse.


Simple & Fast

Streamlined access to critical prescribing tools, in-workflow and optimized for your phone.



Intelligent user experience that helps you focus more time on patient care and less on paperwork.



360-degree view of your patients’ medication history, adherence patterns, and formulary benefits.

Having problems? we have solutions...

Reliable 24/7 Support

Our highly trained client services team is in place 24/7, 365 days out of the year to assist your clinical team with any problem that arises.

Pharmacy having issues processing?

Our client services team coordinates with all local pharmacies within our network to resolve any issues related to claim rejections or processing errors.

Verbal Prior-Authorizations

Get a prior-authorization for a medication off formulary or above dollar limits set by you with a quick 3 minute phone call. Our average wait times are under 20 seconds long.

Emergency or on-the-go admissions

Out in the field and unable to access your EHR for an admission? Call us 24/7 and get your patient medications without delays.

Coordinate LTC Patients

Our dedicated long term care team is assigned to work with your LTC patient facilities & pharmacies. Reduce errors in patient medication reporting, and streamline your LTC funnel.

Let's make a difference


Build a streamlined pharmacy management strategy for your hospice organization today.