Webinar Series: Connected Care & Predictive Analytic Innovations for Hospice

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We’ll give you an in-depth look at a brand new system designed to identify hospice eligible or soon-to-be eligible patients participating within your healthcare community.

Tuesday, September 17th | 11:00 AM CDT (Duration 1 hr)


Responsibly Grow your adc

Build better referral pipelines with 1-click referral apps, and tools to identify your most valuable referral sources.

Maximize length of stay

Drive patients to your care centers with actionable data to qualify them for hospice. Accurately prognosticate and organize patients by palliative performance scores and more.

connect to your healthcare community

Build a connected partnership with ACOs, Primary Care Practices, and Managed Care Plans to white list patient data for analysis and referral.

Hosted by:

Grant Faubion

President & CEo
Wise Hospice Options

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Webinar Date:

Tuesday, September 17th

11:00 AM (Duration 1hr)