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A hospice Pharmacy Benefit Management platform

Empower your hospice with the right tools to manage drug utilization and technology that maximizes daily staff workflows.

PBM Innovation.

 Never stop learning and never stop evolving. The healthcare industry moves fast, and we deliver cutting edge solutions to hospice organizations under any circumstances.

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Maximizing efficiency for your physician and nursing staff

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Yes, we interface with your EMR software.

Save time, eliminate redundancy, and experience seamless hospice pharmacy workflows.

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11 fully integrated EMR Interfaces

Real-time interface technology. Streamline workflows, eliminate duplicate entry, and save valuable time with the best integrations possible.

EMR Interface Benefits

No Duplicate Entry

Faster E-Prescribing

Less Errors & More Secure

Visualize your pharmacy reporting.

Gain greater clinical and financial insights on your journey towards best practice utilization.

data on demand

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Wise Optics visualized Reporting Dashboard

Analyze patient or physician trends, drive better pharmacy utilization, and achieve better patient outcomes. Our visualized reporting dashboards give our users clear insights into the key performance indicators that impact your hospice’s success the most.

Wise Optics Benefits

Real-time Insights

KPI Filters

actionable data

Simplify and streamline E-Prescribing with Wise.

Spend less time getting prescriptions ordered at your favorite pharmacies.

eRX Push notifications for physicians

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Our user-friendly software allows staff to quickly and efficiently E-Prescribe without tedious duplicate entry or faxes. Software and workflow are a breeze to learn for physicians of any background. 

E-Prescribing Benefits

E-Kit & Favorites support

Easy to use mobile app

Better Workflows

100% Transparent pass-through pricing.

No traditional PBM spreads. No hidden or after-hour fees.

Value Pricing Model

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Don't let hidden fees raise your all-in costs

100% Transparent. No ancillary fees. No spread pricing. We offer a fair and balanced pricing model designed to scale to your hospice size.

Transparent Pricing Benefits

No Hidden Fees

Know what you pay

Better savings


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Over the past 17 years Wise Hospice Options has been dedicated to streamlining PBM services for hospice’s of all sizes. Our platform offers access to over 11 electronic health record interfaces, E-Prescribing,  advanced benchmark reporting, and more.

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