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Providing key Hospice PBM services for the cost-effective management of your pharmacy benefit.

Integral Hospice PBM Options That Drive Pharmacy Benefit Success.

Think PBM. Think Wise.

Empower your hospice with the right tools to manage drug utilization, and the technology to streamline daily staff workflows with our connected hospice PBM platform.

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A hospice pharmacy management platform built to streamline everyday tasks.

Save time — streamline your workflow and reduce barriers to hospice care.

Transparent Hospice PBM Pricing. No Hidden or After-Hour Fees.

Don't let hidden Hospice PBM fees raise your all-in cost.

100% Transparent. No ancillary fees. No spread pricing. We offer a fair and balanced pricing model designed to scale to your hospice size.

Why Partner
With Us?

Leading Innovation

Since 2003 Wise Hospice Options has dedicated its resources to building the best possible pharmacy benefit management solution for hospice.

Every step of the way we have pushed innovation from building out EMR interfaces to offering a secure E-Prescribing solution to meet customer needs.

Insights & Expertise

Finding the right pharmacy plan that balances the best possible patient care in the most economical way can be hard.

At Wise, we actively provide extensive clinical guidance and the reporting tools you need to track & plan your performance.

Team & Network

Hospice is a 24/7 operation. Shouldn't your PBM be 24/7 too?


At Wise, you will be able to tap into an unparalleled network of local pharmacy providers that provide same-day hospice pharmacy services.


Leverage the expertise of our 24/7 clinical services to help drive better utilization and patient outcomes.

Streamlined Workflows

Our pharmacy benefit management platform was built with the end user in mind. 


We've taken every opportunity to eliminate tedious duplicate entry events and streamline workflows for everyday tasks. 

Who Should

Hospice organizations looking to establish key partnerships with their pharmacy benefit management provider and local pharmacy networks.

If you are a hospice struggling to appropriately manage pharmacy costs or tired of poor customer service experiences with your current provider, Wise Hospice Options is an excellent alternative solution to get your pharmacy program back on track.

We benchmark as one of the lowest cost-per-patient day providers in the country all while maintaining excellent 24/7 support services.