Wise Prescribe

E-Prescribe Medications Lightning Fast

Easy to use E-Prescribing solution for every provider.

With Mobile E-Prescribing Support

Experience a lightning-fast E-Prescribing solution with connected EMR integrations that streamline your physician’s workflow. 

Real-time patient data sync removes the need for duplicate entry and lets your physicians review, sign, and send without worrying if the data is up to date.

E-Prescribing Features

medication favorites
& e-kit support

Favorite your most commonly used prescriptions or E-Kits with 1 click.

ECSP certified

Prescribe schedule II medications with our built in 2-Factor Authentication security.

patient prescription
history reports

Verify your patient's entire prescribing history and make informed decisions.

drug-to-drug interaction
& allergy alerts

Built-in drug-to-drug interaction and allergy alerts for patient safety.

send up to 20 pending prescriptions at once

Maximize your prescribing workflow and send up to 20 prescriptions at a time.

Drug Coverage

Automatically determine hospice covered medictions from an EMR flag.

Send e-prescriptions to your favorite pharmacies in the fewest amount of clicks.

Streamline your prescribers workflow

Doctors already have a lot to deal with. That’s why it’s important to optimize their daily workflows to that they can operate as efficiently as possible.

Plus a host of additional features that make your E-Prescribing experience a breeze.

Physician using a mobile phone to prescribe medications

E-Prescribing Features

Mobile & Tablet Compatible


Patient EMR data automatically syncs with our E-Prescribing platform.

Pre-populating demographic and medication fields for lighting fast orders.

Real-Time Price

We think you should know exactly how much a prescription is going to cost you at any pharmacy within our network.

See the price before you send the prescription and take greater control of your pharmacy benefit.


After-hours? On the go? Our participating hospice Physicians enjoy operating freedom with our mobile E-Prescribing solution. 

Get text and push notification alerts for pending hospice prescriptions. Sign and send up to 20 prescriptions at once.