Wise Prescribe

EMR Integrated seamless prescribing solution.

Sending E-Prescriptions has never been easier.

Get medication orders to your favorite pharmacies fast.

Key Features

real-time prescription price look-ups

We think you should know exactly how much a prescription is going to cost you at any pharmacy within our network.

See the price before you send the prescription and take greater control of your pharmacy benefit.

Learn how you can consult with our clinical team to find potential substitutions for expensive medications.  

Verify cost for every RX

Limit high dollar out of pocket expenses

On mobile or tablet

Prescribe Anywhere

After-hours? On the go? Our participating hospice Physicians enjoy operating freedom with our mobile E-Prescribing solution. 

Get text and push notification alerts for pending hospice prescriptions. Sign and send up to 20 prescriptions at once.

Simple & Easy to use

With our built-in EMR integration e-prescribing has never been easier. 

Enjoy a simplified and user-friendly E-Prescribing platform, without the need for duplicate entry

Plus a host of additional features & functionality

That make your E-Prescribing experience a breeze.

additional features

medication favorites & e-kit support

Favorite your most commonly used prescriptions or E-Kits with 1 click.

ECSP certified e-prescribing

Prescribe schedule II medications with our built in 2-Factor Authentication security.

detailed patient prescribing history reports

Verify your patient's entire prescribing history and make informed decisions.

drug-to-drug interaction & allergy alerts

Built-in drug-to-drug interaction and allergy alerts for patient safety.

send up to 20 pending prescriptions at once

Maximize your prescribing workflow and send up to 20 prescriptions at a time.

Dynamic Drug Coverage

Automatically determine hospice covered medictions from an EMR flag.

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Wise Optics Reporting

Our platform empowers clinical teams with actionable pharmacy utilization data to help drive clinical and financial performance.

EMR Integration Interfaces

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Wise 24/7 Clinical & Support Services

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Over the past 17 years Wise Hospice Options has been dedicated to streamlining PBM services for hospice’s of all sizes. Our platform offers access to over 11 electronic health record interfaces, E-Prescribing,  advanced benchmark reporting, and more.

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