Simplify Your DME

Order, track, & analyze your local DME benefit all within our secure online system

Manage your dME better

Let us help analyze your current contracts and utilization patterns to find ways to improve on cost. Keep within your budget without sacrificing quality of products or services. We will negotiate competitive local DME vendor rates fine-tuned to your Hospice’s needs. 

Find out vital information about your DME usage such as:

  • Per-Diem and non Per-Diem reporting
  • Item cost by location and price
  • Continuous utilization review
  • Cost & utilization breakdown by individual case managers or team

Technology Solutions

Having accurate real-time data of your DME utilization all within a cloud based platform makes managing your day-to-day DME solution a simple no-brainer. 

Features include:

  • Real-time tracking of orders, delivery, & pick ups
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Formulary compliance and administration
  • Real-time billing is concise & easy to read
  • Access the platform anywhere with a WiFi connection

Expected Results

Performance is important, and we aim to deliver the most seam-less and cost effective solution for managing your local DME. 

Customers can expect the results that matter:

  • Save time & money
  • Reduce administrative paperwork
  • Eliminate communication errors when placing orders
  • Simplified DME process from ordering to tracking, pickup, & billing
  • Transparent & upfront model
  • Improved financial management

In-depth Reporting with 100% transparent pricing

Take control of your current DME solution or find a new one. Our web-based system gives you the tools you need to reduce overall DME cost, minimize errors in utilization & billing, and provide excellent quality products to the people who need it most.

Find local providers

We'll help you find & partner with local DME vendors who deliver any quality products & services your hospice might need.

Negotiate better contracts

Have existing contracts? Or need to negotiate new ones? Our experienced DME team has been working with vendors nationwide for over 15 years.

Track orders real-time

Track your orders real-time with time stamps provided for pick-up & delivery. All billing is done through our secure online system to eliminate order and pricing errors.

optimize utilization

Get actionable insight on your entire DME usage. Identify opportunities for improvements & track progress real-time.

Reach Out

Our dedicated DME solutions team will reach out to you for more information.