About us.

18+ Years providing integrated pharmacy benefit management solutions.

A talented team of people passionate about serving hospice.

Delivering 24/7 services to maximize the performance that matters most to hospice organizations.

Origin Story

Wise Hospice Options was formed in 2003 to fill the voids in Hospice medication management and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provision. For us, the Pharmacy Benefit Management model was the most effective way to help hospice organizations improve cost, reduce barriers to care, and improve patient outcomes.

Today, Wise Hospice Options is a strong and dependable provider for Hospice nationwide. We work with hospital systems and independent organizations with their operational and financial goals as our guide.

We have always seen our operations as a partnership with Hospice clients rather than a vendor. Our pharmacists and staff work with interdisciplinary teams across the nation to provide and develop effective solutions, unique to each hospice client. Our goal is to improve drug utilization, reduce paperwork, clicks, and phone calls to provide your staff with more time focused on patient care.

Through diligence and honest review of each situation, we provide effective guidance and appropriate solutions for each hospice we serve.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide valuable solutions to our clients and are committed to delivering the highest level of technology and service.

– Grant Faubion

President & CEO Wise Hospice Options

Core Values

Guaranteed Transparency

Openness with our team and clients. We bring issues under the magnifying glass and provide solutions promptly.

Unwavering Commitment

We value our word and hard work over everything else. We stand by our promises to our clients and support them with 24/7 access to our support services at no extra charge.

Leading Innovation

 Never stop learning and never stop evolving. The healthcare industry moves fast, and we aim to deliver cutting-edge solutions to hospice organizations under any circumstances.

Think pbm. think wise

Wise Hospice Options

Our vision for the future is to help Hospice not only survive, but thrive in this highly competitive and regulated environment. For our team, we emphasize:

  • Patient care and access to the highest quality products at the lowest overall cost (including all services – not just product cost).
  • Improving interoperability with EHR systems to more effectively control and order products.
  • Streamline operations so that Hospice team members can effectively provide care to patients with less phone calls and the fewest amount of clicks.