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Wise Hospice Options was formed in 2003 to fill the voids in Hospice medication management and Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provision. Having worked with Hospice organizations for 12 years within pharmaceuticals and administrative operations prior to starting Wise Hospice Options, we learned that there needed to be more options for Hospice, and a greater need to enhance systems and processes. For us, the Pharmacy Benefit Management model was the most effective way to improve cost and reduce barriers to care, as well as provide excellent education in symptom management to help improve patient outcomes. We applied this business model not only for medication management but for DME as well. 

We created our web based DME management system in 2003. This Medical Equipment Managing system was created to be used on any tablet or smart phone and has been fully functional with solid reliability for over 15 years. It has enabled Hospice managers to utilize equipment more efficiently, reduce waste, and maintain the use of local DME providers. 

Today, Wise Hospice Options is a strong and dependable provider for Hospice nationwide. We are the same entity we were when we started 15 years ago. No equity buyouts or change of ownership. We have built our company with deliberation and care, not looking to be the biggest or to grow faster than our ability to provide a world class level of service to each Hospice we serve. 

A majority of competing companies are carving out services and charging for each a la carte, resulting in no real savings from their original price plans. The bottom line from a financial perspective is cost per patient day, including all services, not just the cost of medications. We have always seen our operations as a partnership with Hospice clients rather than a vendor. We work with interdisciplinary teams across the nation to find out how we can provide effective services that reduce paperwork and phone calls so more time can be spent focusing on patient care.

We also realize that our service is not for every Hospice. Through diligence and honest review of each situation, we provide effective guidance and are unwilling to enter into a contract if there is any doubt that our services will not do exactly what is agreed upon.

At present, we have created a robust system for two product lines that have been exhaustively tested and proven reliable. We have a responsibility to our clients to provide value, and are committed to delivering the highest level of service through our product offerings.

– Grant Faubion

President & CEO Wise Hospice Options

Our vision for the future is to help Hospice not only survive, but thrive in this highly competitive and regulated environment. For our team, we emphasize:

  • Patient care and access to the highest quality products at the lowest overall cost (including all services – not just product cost).
  • Improving interoperability with EHR systems to more effectively control and order products.
  • Streamline operations so that Hospice team members can effectively provide care to patients with less phone calls and the fewest amount of clicks. 

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