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pharmacy partnerships

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Why every hospice
should consider a
local pharmacy model

Quality & Speed of Service Matter for Hospice

Having a reliable network of local pharmacy providers for your hospice can be a key advantage when providing prescriptions to your patient population. Wise Hospice Option as a PBM provider strives to build concrete relationships with local pharmacy owners to bridge the gap between hospice and pharmacy. This opens up opportunities for hospice organizations to have a strong working relationship with local providers that offer above and beyond services to meet every patient’s needs. Filling essential gaps where big-box pharmacies or mail-order options fail.

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What local pharmacy
can do for you


We'll help you find dedicated hospice pharmacy providers that offer same day, STAT, or emergency after-hour delivery services.

Specialty Medicines

Access to customized medications you can't find at big-box or mail-order pharmacies specially tailored for the patient's ease of use.

High-Quality Service

Having your local pharmacy and PBM provider support your hospice's needs provides guidance on both fronts to optimize utilization and drive better performance.

Emergency & After Hours

Hospice is a 24/7 service and we think your pharmacy should be too. Dedicated local pharmacy providers can help when you need it most with extended hours and on-call services.

Keeping things local

Where other PBM providers push hospice organizations to fill medications at pharmacies they own or have interests in, we believe in supporting the local businesses within your hospice community whenever we can.

Wise Hospice Options does not own or operate any mail-order or box pharmacy facilities, but instead has built amazing partnerships with many independent pharmacy locations all over the US.

Get better results

From our experience with clients we see some of the best performance results coming from hospice organizations that have formed strong relationships with their local pharmacy providers.

Let's Connect

We can help you establish local connections within your community to build a pharmacy network that delivers all of the performance objectives your hospice would need, so you can take care of the patients who matter most.

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